It is a fact that there is dearth of comfortable and sonically reliable headphones; this lack was instantly realized by us. With rigorous efforts we managed to start the company thanks to the amazing platform offered by Junior Achievement’s One Year as an Entrepreneur Program. Our objective is to offer music lovers a cost-effective alternative to the currently available earbuds in the market. Without compromising on quality, we will try to give finest music experience. Spitgo Earbuds is our first venture and we promise to bring along more revolutionary products your way.


Our high quality, in-ear earbuds are created to offer convenience and efficiency. With these in-ear headphones, your music listening experience will become much more exciting, exhilarating and amazing. There is also a built-in microphone, so that you are able to answer all of your important phone calls. If you want clean sound, high level of comfort and best quality in-ear noise-isolating headphones then Spitgo is the right choice. Not only are these low-cost but are excellent as far as efficiency is concerned. These stay fixed in your ears due to which you don’t face any sort of inconvenience while wearing them. You can keep on listening to music to your heart’s content without feeling discomfort or pain. On the other hand, ordinary earbuds make you feel stressed after some time and you have no other choice but to switch off the music to give rest to your ear and head.

Plug In with Pleasure

Spitgo Earbuds promise quality audio and amazing fit. No matter how long you wear them, you won’t feel any kind of discomfort or displeasure. That’s why we say that you can plug in your earphones with pleasure. These earbuds are created for those who want to relish music instead of just listening to it. These are best suited for those who require extraordinary sound quality and all that jazz.

Play Music from Dusk to Dawn

We believe that music makes the world go swirl, hit the dance floor and have fun. So why should you be deprived of this amazing experience called music due to unreliable headphones. Choose Spitgo earbuds to give relaxation to your ears and great music to your soul. Trust us, once you use Spitgo, you will be hooked.

Enjoy and Let the Earbuds Take Control

It is time indeed for the earbuds to do what they are supposed to, that is, to give you best quality sound without hurting your sensitive ears. We know that you must be tired of the ill-fitted, boring and uncomfortable earbuds that simply ruin your music listening experience. So we give you the innovative new Spitgo Earbuds. Enjoy Music to the fullest with Spitgo.


Each headphone is tested individually for quality prior to shipping, this has remained one of our top priorities throughout our existence, to ensure that we can provide the best quality possible, no matter where you live in the world. The product also comes with an additional pair of silicone ear pieces, a protective pouch and a hard case, to keep them safe on the rare occasions you won’t be using them. Our earbuds are of the highest quality that you will find on the market in this price range. It is our guarantee that these innovative new earbuds will offer sonically superior experience with amazing clarity and great fit. These earbuds are the result of extensive research, brainstorming and regular surveying regarding what consumer of this age want. So, order our earbuds today and feel the difference yourself.


Spitgo earbuds are top quality in-ear earphones designed especially for the music admirers of today who want innovation, relaxation and technical superiority all merged into a single product. These earbuds will definitely attract your attention because these boast of extraordinarily amazing design, offer higher sound quality and give you ultimate auditory experience. Gone are the days when you had to rely upon earbuds that did not fit well or kept on sliding while you were listening to your favourite track. Today, it is all about comfort and quality. It is all about Spitgo.

You can expect an experience like never before with our distinct, unique and reasonably priced earbuds.




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